Underrepresented Women in Computing

A community created by and for underrepresented women in computing with a mission of promoting their representation and success in computing related fields.

The Underrepresented Women in Computing groups on Facebook and LinkedIn were initiated as a result of a survey conducted during the Women of Color Luncheon at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2009 conference. The technical women of color community at GHC has grown steadily since the first Women of Color Birds of a Feather session that was held at the 1997 GHC Conference in San Diego. The first women of color Luncheon was held in 2004 at GHC in Chicago. Women of color attend the luncheon at GHC to network with each other and discuss the unique issues that they encounter as double minorities in the tech sector.

Nadine Shillingford, PhD candidate, University of Norte Dame worked with ABI staff to create and set up the groups; she is also serving as the Facebook and Linkedin administrator. We are looking for a few additional volunteers to serve as admins and moderators for the groups. Please contact Rose Robinson if you are interested.

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