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BWiC Gaming Workshop Successful in Phoenix

Oct. 16, 2014 | Systers Keeper

As a community, we know we have to work really hard on the pipeline so BWiC reached out into the Phoenix community to host a free gaming workshop for underrepresented minorities, underserved communities and low-income to youth 13-17 year old. We reached out to a local Syster in Phoenix area to see if we could tap into any community or business organizations that is willing to help us organize the workshop. We never know how each community is going to receive us so we have to go through local channels. She reached out to her Desert Divas (as they call themselves) and one by one, each asked what we needed; facility, equipment, volunteers, etc. One of the Desert Divas, a GoDaddy technical director, graciously included their women in technology group in the conversation. Next thing you know, we have facility, desktop computers, volunteers and provided meals for the kids.

We work with Hidden Level Games Beta team based out of NY again this year so we needed additional funding to bring them out to Phoenix. With our local BWiC member advocating for us very hard, we received funding from local Intel and it came just in time when costs were going up on flights. Also received additional funding from Arizona Community Foundation, so we were able to print t-shirts for the kids. We went around GHC booths and many sponsors donated swag so the kids would leave with swag bags. We thank all those that donated!

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Most of the kids from the workshop experienced coding for the first time and stepped up to even give a pitch on why someone would want to play their game. Danielle “Danny” Delgado was the winner and when you see the smile on her face, we know all the hard work is so worth.

In addition to the workshop, we provided a parent panel where we provided resources for parents so that they can continue to support their kids on the STEM track. It was great to hear from parents and their struggles on understanding how they can keep their kids motivated and help support them through their K-12 education.

We had an incredible day. Our workshop was accepted as a workshop to present at the 2015 Tapia Conference. If you're attending Tapia, be sure to catch the session and learn about how you can bring workshop to your community.

Pathways to STEM: A Model for Implementing Engaging Workshops for Youth in Your Community Thursday, February 19, 2015 — 7:30PM - 8:15PM


In the Spirit of GHC, BWiC presents Gaming Workshop in Phoenix

Sept. 16, 2014 | Systers Keeper

In the spirit of Grace Hopper, Anita Borg and community, Black Women in Computing organized a gaming workshop for underrepresented minorities kids 13-17 in Phoenix. Team Beta will be delivering the workshop again this year and also planned a panel for the parents, "Pathway to Stem". Read more about the workshop and if you're sticking around for another day, join us by volunteering.